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Next-generation 3D point clouds solution

Optimize your engineering

Manage information efficiently

Reduce rework costs

Industry and AEC companies regularly use 3D surveys, whether in revamping / retrofit projects, for geometric control, or to maintain a 3D digital twin.

3D laser scanners are fast and accurate, and the latest technologies allow to deliver the registered point clouds in a short time.

The situation is different when it comes to exploit the point clouds. These massive data - even compressed - often force actors to go through a complete CAD / BIM / mesh reconstruction which is very time-consuming.

TagLabs tackles this issue from a different point of view: exploiting the point cloud as it is in order to extract all the information and measurements necessary for quality engineering, and accelerating the modeling of essential items.

All our developments are based on detailed tags which place the skills of engineers and technicians in the foreground.

Our goals: an optimized engineering that starts as soon as the point cloud is delivered, efficient information exchanges between the various actors, and a strong reduction of rework costs with more offsite prefabrication.

ScanSap®: extracting the substance of 3D point clouds

We are carrying out a substantive work on 3D point clouds to build a solution that will be as useful to the construction industry as GPS has been to navigation.

ScanSap is a new generation software that is primarily intended for end-users such as engineering companies, facilities managers, contractors. Main assets:

  • a fluid and ergonomic immersive experience, even with massive point clouds of complete buildings,

  • features adapted to the AEC & Industrial companies,

  • an efficient information management through highly detailed and hierarchized tags,

  • modularity, by adding specific features and tailor-made developments.

ScanSap embeds the first Vulkan® 3D point cloud engine in the World. The GPU is fully used, leading to unparalleled performances even on mid range computers.

Our vision

In the next few years, most buildings will be digitized, and 3D point clouds will have a central place.

ScanSap will turn this raw ore into a high-grade material.

ScanSap® software


Plugins for Faro Scene

TagLabs expands Faro Scene features with exclusive plugins

*price for a single computer license

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Save up to 4 hours a week with KipTag

Annotate your photos directly on site with detailed tags and generate high quality PDF reports. KipTag also handles 360° HD panoramas from laser scanners.

Scope: inventory of fixtures, site reports, inspection forms, works-as-executed reports...

Standard version is FREE! The only thing we ask in return is that you talk about us!


We can also develop specific features to fulfill your requirements.

For more information, please visit the website of KipTag or contact us:


Available soon

KipTag® - professional photo report application



ScanSap prototype

Our prototype is currently tested by a grou of users located in various countries. First feedbacks are really positive, with a good stability and smooth navigation even with over 500 scannings.

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