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1, rue de la Noë, 

Incubateur Centrale - Audencia - Ensan

44300 Nantes - France

Tel: +33 6 60 23 97 33

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3D solutions that optimize facility management

TagLabs supports you in the digitalization of your industrial facilities and creates ScanSap, the software that facilitates the exploitation of 3D point clouds.


TagLabs launches its crowdfunding campaign on Wedogood!

Only 15 days before the end of the evaluation phase

Master the evolutions of your technical facilities

Revampings, retrofits, building extensions...

Industrial facilities are constantly evolving. How to find your way through a forest of pipes, structures, equipment... whose drawings are out of date?

We bring you a turnkey solution for your new works and maintenance.

Speed up your studies

Based on 3D scanning and our ScanSap software, your technical studies are faster while being more reliable.

Reduce the site work impact

More off-site construction, less site supply and transports, and a reduced assembly time.

Master your technical information

ScanSap allows you to fully document your facility with detailed and hierarchical annotation tags.

A workflow to save up to 10%

1- Get a 3D scanning done

Piping, structures, equipment... will be accurately captured .

Don't worry: we support you throughout this phase.

3- Make your studies reliable

Accurately install pipe runs and equipment, and limit on-site rework costs.

3- Restart production on time

Save yourself the end-of-construction run, the long reservations list, and the additional works!

2- Use the data immediately with ScanSap

Virtual tours, measurements, annotations, modeling assistance, information sharing.

With ScanSap, start your studies as soon as you get the point clouds.

4- Optimize your site work

Increase prefabrication (off-site construction), make your quantity more reliable, and reduce on-site assembly time.

6- Keep a precise as-built documentation

ScanSap allows you to keep a digital twin of your facility, perfectly documented and ready for maintenance and future new works.

They trust us